What We Value Speaks To Who We Are

We have a set of strong core values that reflect our care, concern and our hope for the world. These values are expressed through our connection with certain environmental and worthy causes. Thinking, acting and being present on a global level is important to our collective future.

Going Green

Reducing our carbon footprint has gone beyond just a good idea, it has become an imperative for our future. As Global Citizens, going green and the safety of our environment is important to us at ClearOne.

Making Meetings Green

How often do you fly to business meetings? Did you know that air travel could be responsible for up to 25% of global warming by 2050? Reduce your business travel and become part of the solution, stop contributing to the problem. ClearOne is a meaningful part of the global warming solution. Our audio conferencing and video collaboration solutions have improved global communication by enabling live personal connections for businesses and organizations of every type across the world to share conversation, ideas and information without the need to fly or drive. Connecting with our solutions for meetings lowers the carbon footprint of the world.

Reducing Our Impact

Here are a few ways we champion sustainability and green initiatives at ClearOne:

Using recycled materials in our product packaging and plain boxes to reduce printing.

Using recycled content paper for day-to-day printing needs in our corporate office.

Recycling obsolete equipment and ensuring it’s disposed of responsibly

Never intentionally manufacturing products that have hazardous substances.

Complying with all the laws relating to hazardous waste substances and electronic equipment waste.

Embracing Diversity

Inclusion and diversity are what makes a company truly part of a Global Citizenship. ClearOne embodies this culture across our organization. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment that welcomes and supports differences and encourages a wide range of perspectives. After all, without a wide range of perspectives, opinions, and identities based on our diverse backgrounds -- how could we innovate as teams and create great products for our diverse customers? Without genuinely embracing diversity, we could not.

The other worthy cause we care about

Our community has a number of homeless, needy animals. The companions that we call pets give us love and comfort and are also part of our global community. Thru our simple pawprint icon on our website and thru our employees, we have encouraged the adoption of homeless pets from stellar humane organizations for more than a decade. Here are a few great shelters and rescue groups we encourage our ClearOne family to consider when deciding to add a pet companion:

Best Friends Animal Society

The Cat Network, Inc.

Utah Humane Society

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